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DJ OMG Judy the Boody Nailz Stark

stuff to discuss...

Can we do Nerd Avenging on Thursday this week? I have a softball game on wednesday, and not sure I can make both.

Avatars! We will rebuild them, make them stronger.

Seriously, we need Avatars. If you want me to make one for you (or you want to make yours). Post the name and/or character for the avatar. I will whip one up shortly.
You can also post your own avatar. I look to Chris to upload them into the LJ thingy.

I say this, because once con season is over (or after nyaf), I will start on the Nerd Avengers Yearbook #2. Woot! As a crazy-early warning, if you would like to help in the photo choices, you can send the photos to me. Of course, once september rolls around, I'll be asking anyway.

and drum roll, please...
with the next yearbook, the Nerd Avengers website will be going through a re-design. I look to all the boys (and girls) who want to help code and build the site, the help is appreciated (and needed).

2008 plans
-finalize the NA logo
-re-design the site, which includes (hopefully) forum, blog, and photo gallery
-produce second book
-have crazy get togethers
-constantly create new nicknames for all members
-have fun!

ok. on that note. Let me know if you want to help and such.
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Gonna have to make it Wednesday, for it is the only night I can Avenge this week, as well as several other ppl.