loudnbothered (loudnbothered) wrote in nerd_avengers,

Various things. And by various I mean 3.

1) Nerd Avenging will occur on Thursday this week, not Wednesday. Also, I will be out of work @ 1pm on said Thor's day, and while Nerd Avenging would not happen until it's usually time, I will be around to chill earlier if ppl want in. Also a Carrie will be showing up in the city that night around 9:30ish. Tee.

2) Kathrine is throwing (and by throwing, making sure I booked a location and invite people) a suprise party for the Stampede of the Sean variety on Saturday, July 12th. Yes, throwing a suprise party for ur birthday a month and a half before his birthday will ensure it's a suprise. Anywho, I found a place in my neck of the woods that's willing to host it, and it' will be from 6pm-9pm that night (as least for dining, we can get moar drinks there as it's a pub) Nerd Avengers are invited, but crash space is probably not happening, as I have no space, nor does Sean, and John will be in California that weekend. Said location can easily be accessed by the R line though. More on that can be discussed as it gets closer, and remember, suprise!

3) Judy, there's something I need to talk to you about this week. Nothing super important OMG level, but you're the only person i can talk about it. Bug me on Thursday plz.
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